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  1. Quick Guide to identifying Bad Science

    Every day we are presented with new information and latest research on a variety of topics that affect our lives and the work we do. But how do we know when the information shared with us is based on good science? This infographic shared by Compound Interest provides a quick and dirty guide to help us spot bad science by examining these 12 categories:

    1. Sensationalized Headlines
    2. Misinterpreted Results
    3. Conflict of Interest
    4. Correlation and Causation
    5. Speculative Language
    6. Sample Size Too Small
    7. Unrepresentative Samples
    8. No Control Group Used
    9. No Blind Testing Used
    10. Cherry-picked Results
    11. Unreplicable Results
    12. Journals and Citations    

    Critically reviewing the information you receive using this guide is a good place to start in identifying how good the science is behind new research presented to you.