Product Description

This is a Safer Injecting product.

Prior to injection, drugs in powder, solid and tablet form must be mixed with sterile water and possibly an acidifier (depending on the drug) and broken down into a liquid solution. Cookers are used for this drug preparation. It is important to heat the solution in order to kill bacteria. Cookers do not contain harmful chemicals so the user will not be harmed when the product is heated. If reused, this piece of equipment can be a transmitter of blood-borne viruses, HCV and HIV. Therefore, cookers are for single use only.

OHRDP provides 3 types of cookers: Spoon, Stericup and One-Use Spoon. The Spoon and the One-Use Spoon are made of stainless steel and the Stericup is made of aluminium. The Stericup and the One-Use spoon both come with a sterile filter and post-injection dry swab. All 3 cookers are sterile and a much safer container to mix drugs in than tablespoons, cans, or bottle caps, as they heat more evenly and are not contaminated with the bacteria as other household items may be.

Best Practice

Best Practice:

Use a pre-packaged, sterile cooker to prepare drugs for each injection to reduce transmission of HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), and other pathogens.