1. A

  2. A Safer Injection

    Apothicom, 2006

    A step by step guide on how to safely prepare an injection. 17 mins.

    Status: IN

  3. Addiction – HBO series

    HBO Documentary Series, 2007

    A 14 part series: The Nations leading experts on drug and alcohol addiction shed light on the most current developments in the field. 90 mins.

    Status: IN

  4. B

  5. Bevel Up

    BC Centre for Disease Control, 2007

    Drugs, Users and Outreach. 4 hrs 30 mins.

    Status: IN

  6. Blood 2 Blood


    A short film on hepatitis C awareness by AIDS Thunder Bay. This project is made possible through funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

    Status: IN

  7. C

  8. Cottonland

    National Film Board of Canada, 2006

    This film encounters a number of self-aware men and women at different stages of dependency. 53 mins.

    Status: IN

  9. Cracked not Broken

    Documentary By Paul Perrier, 2005

    Lisa grew up on Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhood, attended prestigious schools and enjoyed the best of friends… now 37 she is a crack addict who prostitutes herself to support her habit. 52 mins

    Status: IN

  10. D

  11. Donna’s Story

    Doug Cuthan / NFB, 2007

    Documentary of a Cree woman who leaves behind a bleak existence on the streets. An intimate portrait of a fiercely determined survivor. 51 mins

    Status: IN

  12. F

  13. Fighting Demons

    Emily Newton & Paisley Smith, Queen’s Media, 2008

    Fighting Demons is a short documentary that explores Ottawa’s harm reduction program, specifically the safe crack pipe distribution based out of Somerset West Community Health Centre. 7 mins.

    Status: IN

  14. Fighting The Dragon With Luck


    An inspirational Australian documentary that explores the journey of addiction as seen through the eyes of six patients, their doctor and a community pharmacist.

    Status: IN

  15. Fix

    Nettie Wild, Canada Wild Productions, 2002

    The Story of an Addicted City. A quest to open North America’s first safe injection site evolves into a love story and a revolution. An unblinking and beautifully rendered portrait of Vancouver’s drug plague. 92 mins.

    Status: IN

  16. From Grief to Action

    Filmwest Associates, 2002

    This documentary follows the lives of four addicted teens and their families. 58 mins.

    Status: IN

  17. H

  18. HIV, Hepatitis C and Injecting Drug Use

    Harm Reduction Works, 2009

    A documentary style training film packed with essential information for all those working with injecting drug users. 26 mins.

    Status: IN

  19. K

  20. Keep Walking


    This DVD and magazine is a resource for groin injectors. People do inject in the femoral vein so we must be prepared to talk about the risks. WARNING – CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES

    Status: IN

  21. L

  22. Love At First Site

    Emily Newton, 2008

    Narrated by former Vancouver Mayor, Philip Owen, this short film looks at the many positive changes brought about since the opening of the city’s safe injection site. 6 mins.

    Status: IN

  23. M

  24. Mom and Me

    90th Parallel Productions, 2015

    A personal and intimate documentary by Lena MacDonald about her filmmaker turned drug addict mother, Harriet. Mom and Me is about addiction, prostitution and despair, but it is also a story about family, the power of hope and the tenacity of love.

    Status: IN

  25. O

  26. Overdose Short Films

    From Exchange Supplies UK comes four short films on Overdose Prevention. OD Training Saves Lives highlights the importance of overdose response training for injecting drug users, their friends and families. Going Over presents four overdose scenarios drawn from real events. Recovery is a unique film clearly demonstrating the technique for putting someone in the recovery position. And Mr Mange Goes Over is an animated film that takes a very serious look at the causes of heroin overdose and how to avoid it.

    Status: IN

  27. P

  28. Prescription for Addiction

    Laura Sky, 2008

    A documentary examining the growing health and social problems resulting from addiction to prescribed opiate pain killers. 85 mins.

    Status: IN

  29. Prescription for Addiction (Short Version)

    Laura Sky, 2008

    A documentary examining the growing health and social problems resulting from addiction to prescribed opiate pain killers. Comes with documentary user guide. 39 mins.

    Status: IN

  30. R

  31. Raw Opium: Pain, Pleasure, Profits

    Kensington Films, 2010

    A commodity with tremendous power to both ease pain and destroy lives, fueling a vast criminal trade larger than the economies of many countries. 83 mins.

    Status: IN

  32. S

  33. Substitute Prescribing: The Users View


    Commissioned by Exchange Supplies and the Alliance for the 2004 National Drug Treatment Conference. Gives a unique insight into the consumers’ view of drug treatment. 18 mins

    Status: IN

  34. T

  35. The Brokenness We Share

    Ron Shore / Robin Pepper, 2008

    The Story of Kingston’s Street Health Centre. A look at the importance of inclusion within Health Care. 16 mins.

    Status: IN

  36. The House I Live In


    This film goes inside America’s “War On Drugs” to examine the effects of drug laws on everyone from the dealer and the grieving mother to the jailer and the federal judge. By the award winning film maker Eugene Jarecki.

    Status: IN

  37. The Injecting Process: Understanding Viral Transmission


    This film by Exchange Supplies UK contains looks closely at common injecting practices and the risks of transmission. WARNING – CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES

    Status: IN

  38. The Sleeping Giant

    ONECC, 2006

    A Day in the Life of a Needle Exchange Program. This documentary takes you through an average day at Superior Points Harm Reduction in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 11 mins

    Status: IN

  39. The Stairs

    directed by Hugh Gibson, 2016

    Over five turbulent years, The Stairs follows Marty, Greg and Roxanne through their triumphs and heartbreaks as they try to move past decades of life on the streets. An empathetic portrait that is surprising, funny, shocking and moving. 95 mins.

    Status: IN

  40. V

  41. Vine of the Soul, Encounters With Ayahuasca

    Richard Meech, 2009

    An exploration of self-healing through the heightened state of consciousness obtained by drinking ayahuasca, a sacred medicine from the Amazon rainforest. 52 mins

    Status: IN

  42. W

  43. Wobbly Stan the Benzo Man

    Lifeline Publications, 2010

    A little book and DVD about the street use of benzodiazepines. 7 mins

    Status: IN