1. A

  2. A Plague Of Prisons

    Ernest Drucker, 2013

    The epidemiology of mass incarceration in America.

    Status: IN

  3. A Small Book About Drugs

    Lisa Pryor, 2011

    An intelligent and personal look at the complex issue of recreational drug use that will change the terms of the debate.

    Status: IN

  4. Addiction

    David J Nutt & Liam J. Nestor, 2013

    Part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library series, this concise pocketbook provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the brain science underpinning addiction.

    Status: IN

  5. Addiction – HBO companion book

    John Hoffman and Susan Froemke, 2007

    Based on the HBO documentary series this companion book is essential reading for anyone who has struggled with the consequences of their own or someone else’s substance addiction.

    Status: IN

  6. Addiction: A Disorder of Choice

    Gene M. Heyman, 2009

    A book sure to inspire controversy. Heyman argues that conventional wisdom about addiction (that it is a compulsion beyond conscious control) is wrong and makes a powerful case that addiction is voluntary.

    Status: IN

  7. Anabolic Steroid Abuse

    National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1990

    Looks at abuse of anabolic steroids and the possibility of resulting acute, chronic conditions.

    Status: IN

  8. B

  9. Beautiful Boy

    David Sheff, 2008

    A father’s journey through his son’s addiction.

    Status: IN

  10. Bevel Up : Teachers Guide

    BC Centre for Disease Control, 2007

    A teaching guide intended to assist educators to facilitate discussions among nursing students.

    Status: IN

  11. Big Shoes, Little Feet – A guide to Youth Engagement


    A resource for service providers to help facilitate guided discussions that will give young people an opportunity to explore drug related issues in a safe and supportive environment. Accompanied by DVD.

    Status: IN

  12. C

  13. Chasing The Scream

    Johann Hari, 2015

    The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs

    In this novel Hari reveals his discoveries entirely through the stories of people across the world whose lives have been transformed by this war.

    Status: IN

  14. Clean

    David Sheff, 2013

    Clean is a leap beyond the traditional approaches to prevention and treatment of addiction and the mental illnesses that usually accompany it.

    Status: IN

  15. Coming to Harm Reduction Kicking and Screaming

    Dee-Dee Stout, 2009

    Looking for Harm Reduction in a 12-step world. This book documents the history of the harm reduction movement through compelling personal narratives.

    Status: IN

  16. D

  17. Dealing With Addiction…. Why The 20th Century Was Wrong

    Dr. Peter Ferentzy, 2010

    Dr. Ferentzy has lived the life of a crack addict and reveals the ugly truth. He claims the dominant approach to drug and alcohol addictions has hurt more people than it has helped.

    Status: IN

  18. Dope Guide

    Stella / CAMH, 2006

    Sex work, drugs, alcohol and other substances.

    Status: IN

  19. Drug, Set, and Setting

    Norman E. Zinberg, M.D., 1984

    This discussion by a leading expert on drug use, illuminates the factors that permit some people to use such highly addictive and dangerous substance as alcohol, marijuana, psychedelics and opiates in a controlled fashion.

    Status: IN

  20. E

  21. Epidemiology

    Leon Gordis, 2014

    In this best selling textbook, Dr Gordis explains the epidemiologic approach to disease and intervention, explores the use of epidemiologic principles to identify the causes of disease, and discusses how epidemiology should be used to improve evaluation and public policy.

    Status: IN

  22. F

  23. Freedom from Self-Harm

    Kim L. Gratz & Alexander L. Chapman, 2009

    Self-injury can be as addictive as any drug, and the secrecy and shame many sufferers feel about this behaviour can keep them feeling trapped.

    Status: IN

  24. H

  25. Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High Risk Behaviour

    Richard Pates & Diane Riley, 2012

    Written by an international team of contributors, this text provides an essential panorama of harm reduction in the 21st century for educators and researchers in addiction and public health.

    Status: IN

  26. Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

    Andrew Tatarsky, 2002

    A New Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Problems

    This ground breaking volume provides readers with both an overview of harm reduction therapy and a series of ten case studies, treated by different therapists, that vividly illustrate this treatment approach with a wide variety of clients.

    Status: IN

  27. Harm Reduction: Pragmatic Strategies

    G. Alan Marlatt, Mary E. Larimer & Katie Witkiewitz, 2012

    Pragmatic Strategies for managing High-Risk Behaviors. This book brings together researchers and practitioners who have made significant contributions to the growth and acceptance of harm reduction as an integral and effective approach to minimizing the negative consequences of high-risk behavior.

    Status: IN

  28. Healing the Addicted Brain

    Harold C. Urschell III, 2009

    An in-depth look at drug and alcohol addiction as a chronic , treatable disease of the brain.

    Status: IN

  29. I

  30. In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts

    Gabor Mate, 2008

    Looks at the epidemic of addictions in our society, tells us why we are so prone to them and what is needed to liberate ourselves from their hold on our emotions and behaviors

    Status: IN

  31. M

  32. Matters of Substance

    Griffith Edwards, 2004

    From nicotine to marijuana, from caffeine to ecstasy, this book explores the pervasive influence of drugs around the world.

    Status: IN

  33. Memoirs of an Addicted Brain

    Marc Lewis, PHD,

    A neuroscientist examines his former life on drugs.

    Status: IN

  34. O

  35. Off The Street

    W. A. Bogart, 2016

    A comprehensive road map to ending the war on drugs, this book calls for a thoughtful discussion of the legalization and regulation of recreational drugs.

    Status: IN

  36. Over The Influence

    Patt Denning, Jeannie Little & Adina Glickman, 2004

    The Harm Reduction guide to managing drugs and alcohol

    Status: IN

  37. S

  38. Scattered Minds

    Gabor Mate, 1999

    Demonstrates that ADD is not an inherited illness, but a reversible impairment

    Status: IN

  39. Solution Focused Harm Reduction

    Dr. Sean Foy, 2017

    This book explains the synergies between solution focused brief therapy and harm reduction. Dr. Foy discusses how these two approaches are complementary and when used in conjunction, create a novel way of approaching addiction.

    Status: IN

  40. T

  41. The Addicted Brain

    Michael Kuhar, Ph.D., 2011

    Using breathtaking brain imagery and other research, Michael Kuhar shows us the powerful, long-term brain changes that drugs can cause.

    Status: IN

  42. The Honest Drug Book

    Dominic Milton Trott, 2017

    The contents of this book are the product of scientific pursuit. It comprises data and insight which is provided to support harm reduction and a safer approach. The author has systematically taken over 100 chemical and botanical substances and documented his experiences.

    Status: IN

  43. The Ice Age

    Luke WIlliams, 2016

    A journey into Crystal-Meth Addiction. Combining memoir with reportage, this compelling first-person account investigates a drug that is fast becoming a subject of discussion throughout the Western World.

    Status: IN

  44. The Wisdom of Whores

    Elizabeth Pisani, 2008

    Bureaucrats, Brothels and the business of AIDS

    Status: IN

  45. W

  46. We All Fall Down

    Nic Sheff, 2011

    Nic Sheff captures the insidious, almost vampiric mind-set of an addict who shrinks from any form of light. This book has more in common with Kafka than any recovery memoir I’ve read. – Mary Karr, New York Times

    Status: IN