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  1. Housing First Approach Works!

    The Mental Health Commission of Canada, with funding from Health Canada, has been conducting a Housing First project since 2008 in five Canadian cities: Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Moncton. The results from the Montreal project site were released recently and this was what was found: Housing First is feasible in Montreal, Housing First is effective, and people in the Housing First project had lower costs associated with other services. To learn more about this project check out: THIS ARTICLE

    Don’t know what the Housing First approach is? Here is a synopsis: Housing First provides subsidized housing to people experiencing homelessness and mental illness immediately without needing the individual to demonstrate a pre-defined level of ‘good’ behavior which is traditional in most subsidized housing models. This means more people have access to housing which increases the stability in their life and their ability to meet other health and social needs.