Forms & Supporting Documents

There currently exists debate over which method to use in an overdose situation, rescue breathing or chest compressions. Each agency should review the evidence and decide what is best to help meet their community need. Resources on this page and on this website are meant as examples only and some material may contain information which is not current.

Community-Based Naloxone Distribution: Guidance Document

Opioid Overdose Prevention Program Start Up Guide: 7 Steps Manual

Opioid Overdose Booklet: Risk Factors and Prevention Tips

Cap Snapper & Amp Cover: How To Guide


Liability Legal and Prescription Considerations

Opiate Overdose Prevention for Staff

Client Identifier Card


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Signs & Symptoms

Prevent Overdose

Drug Categories

The following are samples of resource material that can be used in developing a community based Naloxone Program:

Thunder Bay Drug Strategy – Overdose Brochure

Naloxone Checklist & Order To Dispense

Naloxone Pre / Post Test

Naloxone History Form

Naloxone Evaluation – Received Naloxone

Naloxone Evaluation – Administered Naloxone

Oxy to Oxy: Impact & Recommendation Community Forum
– Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

Overdose / Naloxone: Web Resources

United Kingdom: Naloxone Questions and Answers

Community Based Naloxone Program – Toronto Public Health

Safer Opiate Use – from Breakaway Addiction Services