Sector News

  1. Celebrating the 1st Annual International Harm Reduction Day

    Today, May 7 2014, marks the 1st Annual International Harm Reduction Day and OHRDP is excited to be celebrating this day with you. We want to thank everyone working in a harm reduction capacity for everything they do to keep individuals and communities as safe as possible from the effects associated with drug use. To summarize our feelings about harm reduction we want to share a quote from Amy Katz at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health that describes the work we do in harm reduction so well…

    “There is something, in my opinion, very beautiful about harm reduction. It’s an approach that looks at reality in all its complexity and says: okay. I see that life is not simple. I see you are doing things people who love you wish you wouldn’t. I see that you are an irreplaceable and precious human being. Let’s use evidence to figure out the best way to keep you, the people around you, and your community as safe as we possibly can.”

    Keep up the good work everyone.