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    Preventing Suicide

    If someone you know is talking about suicide it’s important to seek help for that person immediately. The Canadian Mental Health Association has resources available for family and friends to understand suicide and how to get help.

    Click Here for more information.

  2. World Health Organization has a new guideline on HIV prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

    This new HIV guideline by the WHO consolidates guidelines relevant to men who have sex with men, people who use drugs, people in prison, sex workers, and transgender people. The hope is that this new guideline will act as one comprehensive package for all key populations. To learn more CLICK HERE

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    Looking to find and/or share HIV and HCV educational resources?

    Have you heard of the SAGE collection? Sage is a community-driven space for service HIV and HCV providers in Canada to share and archive their educational resources. It’s also a site to connect with peers in the field of HIV, HCV, and harm reduction. To find out more click HERE

  4. Need Help Getting Help?

    There is stigma around mental health issues, and the perceived stigma people feel about their mental health issue may deter them from asking for help. If you need help getting help, the Canadian Mental Health Association has resources for you.

    Check them out here