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    Principles of Harm Reduction: Back to Basics

    Most of you reading this are experts in harm reduction, but sometimes it’s nice to remind ourselves of some of the core principles of harm reduction.

    The Harm Reduction Coalition has a simple and concise webpage summarizing:

    Key Principles Central to Harm Reduction Practice

    This is also a great resource to share with staff and students who may be new to harm reduction.

  2. Canadian Music Festivals and Overdose Incidents

    This summer there were concerns around the number of overdose incidents at music festivals across Canada. Therefore, the Canadian Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use (CCENDU) created this bulletin to brief audiences about these events and provide an opportunity for organization across disciplines to collaborate and help prevent further overdose events among festival attendees.

  3. There is no health without mental health – interested in learning more?

    The National Collaborating Centres for Public Health is focusing its efforts on a population mental health strategy because ‘there can be no health without mental health’. Various resources have been developed for this project including: a presentation on defining a population mental health framework for public health, a scan of mental health strategies across Canada, and currently there is a survey for public health practitioners’ to complete to assess resources needed in this area of health.