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  1. Methadone Overdose: what to be aware of

    Methadone is an effective medication to treat opioid addiction, but if it is not used as prescribed, methadone can be dangerous and may cause overdose. What makes methadone even more complicated is that it is long acting (up to 24 hours) which means treating an overdose is complicated and medical attention should be sought.

    To find out more about how much is too much check out this link. 

  2. Drug Internet Forums: What Are They About?

    We are hearing more and more about unregulated novel psychoactive substances (NPS) which are often referred to as “legal high” and “designer drugs”. Many times these substances are bought and sold through online vendors, but did you know there are online forums where people can gather and share information about the NPS they are using? In a recently published qualitative study, researchers analyzed these online forums and identified the following themes: 1) uncovering the substance facts, 2) dosage and administration, 3) subjective experience, and 4) support and safety. The research team concluded that people who use NPS access these online forums to support each other and keep one another safe. If you’re interested in reading the full study check it out here.

  3. Understanding Adulterants and Other Cutting Substances

    Contaminants. Adulterants. Diluents. We often use these words to describe some of the dangers associated with street drugs, but do you know what these terms mean and how they differ? Did you know that there are some commonly known substances added to street drugs and their effects are well studied? To learn more, check out this free resource:

    CUT – A Guide to Adulterants, Bulking Agents and Other Contaminants Found in Illicit Drugs