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    A Guide on How to Pack Brass Screens in Crack Stems

    People who smoke crack cocaine often use steel wool (also known as Brillo®) to pack their stem. However, people have reported burning their lips and mouth when using the steel wool because hot pieces sometimes break off and are breathed in. There is also a chance of burning the tract to your lungs and stomach if the hot steel wool is breathed in.

    To help reduce the dangers associated with using steel wool, OHRDP provides programs with brass screens. It’s a bit of work at first to get use to the brass screens but OHRDP has developed this simple picture guide to make things a little easier. Click here to view.

  2. Need to have ‘the talk’ about alcohol and drugs with your youth?

    It’s not easy to talk to young people about alcohol and drugs, but this article in summarized a few key tips in a quick and easy way. A few things the article suggested included:

    • Establish and develop a strong rapport with your child in their early years
    • Listen to your child, ask their opinion, and let them problem-solve without parents imposing solutions first
    • Address drinking early and often
    • If you really want to discuss something important, set a time and place so your child feels ready and comfortable to have the discussion
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  3. Strengthening Primary Health Care through Primary Care & Public Health Collaboration

    McMaster University, along with health care professionals from Ontario, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia, developed a framework to help public health and primary care work together and increase the quality care to our communities. The framework focuses on the intrapersonal, interpersonal, organization, and systemic level of our health care system. Many public health and primary organizations from across Ontario have been raving about this resource and we encourage you to check it out HERE