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  1. Understanding Human Sexuality

    Gender and sexual identity is complex. Understanding how it all works can help ensure Needle Syringe Programs provide care in a way that is safe and comfortable for all. For someone just learning about the various spectrums of human sexuality, the topic can be overwhelming. Not to fear! Here to lay out introductions to everything from gender to the difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation is vlogger Hank Green! Check out his video to get a little closer to understanding and appreciating human complexity.

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  2. What Does the International Narcotics Control Board Have to Say?

    The United Nations International Narcotics Control Board released a report about drug use/misuse around the world this March. A few highlights include: every dollar spent in prevention can save governments 10 dollars in the future, not all countries are putting enough resources in prevention and treatment efforts, prescription medication misuse is outpacing illegal drug use, and ‘legal highs’ are becoming an emerging issue around the world.


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    York Region Addiction & Mental Health Conference

    Presented by: Addiction Services for York Region and Canadian Mental Health Association York and South Simcoe. This two day conference features renowned speaker Gabor Mate.