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    Positive Youth Development Framework for Program Evaluation

    Schools in rural Saskatchewan used the Positive Youth Development (PYD) Framework to evaluate a youth drug prevention program. This study describes the school based drug prevention program and how both the PYD framework and 40-item developmental assessment tool was used to define the goal of the program and evaluate the program.

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  2. Hepatitis C can remain infectious for up to 6 weeks

    Transmission of hepatitis C from hospital stay is increasing. It was hypothesized that hepatitis C virus may be spread from the surfaces where healthcare works or patients come into contact. This peer reviewed article demonstrates that hepatitis C can remain infectious at room temperature for up to six weeks which could help explain how hepatitis C is spread in hospitals. Several commercially available antiseptics are effective against HCV.

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    Drug Use Among Ontario Students (2013)

    The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has released the latest Drug Use Survey Among Ontario Students for 2013. This school survey is of the longest ongoing school surveys in the world (1977-2013). Highlights in this report include: Ontario high school students are drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes less than before, but there are concerns that there is a rise of over-the-counter cough and cold medication usage.

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